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Accessibility Plan 2017-18


Accessibility Plan for St Joseph’s Camberwell Catholic Schools’ Federation

September 2017-18


This plan is drawn up in accordance with Schedule 10 of the Equality Act 2010 which requires schools to draw up, publish, implement and review a written plan to

increase access to the curriculum for disabled pupils;

improve the physical environment of the school to increase access for disabled pupils

improve the accessibility and availability of information to disabled pupils

The Act defines disability as when a person has a ‘physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on that person’s ability to carry out normal day to day activities.’


This plan recognises what is already in place in our school and includes future steps we will take.


Future steps have been identified as part of the process of drawing up, implementing and reviewing the School Improvement Plan, updating the School SEN Report, regular and ongoing consideration of existing and potential barriers to learning and to access to the school and to information and ongoing engagement with parents.


Access to the curriculum and participation in school activities


This involves increasing the extent to which pupils with a disability can participate in the school curriculum and activities.

The school has already:

Provided training and support for teachers and Teaching Assistants in supporting children on the autistic spectrum and medical conditions such as Epilepsy and Asthma

Included in pre-visit for residential school journeys the discussion of provision for any pupils with a disability ensuring that these pupils can participate on the trips.

Ensured all staff are aware of and able to use SEN software and resources as appropriate



During 2017-20 the school plans to:

Ensure that provision is made for children with disabilities in all of the trips (including residential) undertaken by the school

Provide specific training for staff in Early Years on supporting children with Autism

Access to the Physical Environment

This involves improving the physical environment of the school to improve access to the building and its facilities for all members of the school community

The school has already:

Ensured that all staircases have secure, easy to grip hand rails.

Installed a disabled toilet and shower

Installed a wheelchair lift to give access to the assembly/dining hall


During the 2017-20 the school plans to:

Investigate impact of layout, environment and lighting on children with ASD or other additional need.

Review and improve, where necessary, signage for people with a visual impairment



Access to Information

This involves improving the delivery of information to any member of the school community who has a disability


The school has already:

Ensured that signage for exits etc. uses non written symbols (such as running man) to clarify meaning

Provided information to parents and carers about organizations and groups which work with and support the families of children with disabilities


During the 2017-20 the school plans to:

Produce newsletters in alternative formats, e.g. large print, on line according to need

Consult with parents, staff and pupils on the accessibility of information on the school website and amend as appropriate






Access to the Curriculum 2017-2020




Current Barrier






ICT hardware and software is not always appropriate or accessible for pupils with a disability

i.e. visually impaired/ASD


To ensure that all pupils have access to appropriate equipment and software for their needs

To purchase suitable hardware e.g. keyboards and appropriate software to support the needs of pupils with a visual impairment

Spring term 2018

School trips







Some school trips may not always be suitable for pupils with disabilities

Ensure that consideration has been given to pupils with disabilities

To plan school trips which include all pupils and that a pre-trip visit includes careful consideration of provision for pupils in the class with disabilities.


When planning all school trips







Early years





A number of children in Early Years are in need of speech and language support

To ensure that the children have maximum access to the curriculum

Training will be provided to all staff in Early years on recognizing Speech and language delay and supporting children with this condition

School Year 2017-18 and annually thereafter




Access to the physical environment



Current barrier




Classrooms and corridors


Children with ASD may find aspects of the environment affect their ability to learn

Identify and seek to address those barriers to learning

Investigate the impact of layout, environment and lighting on children with ASD or other additional need.


By summer term 2018

Improve access around Junior building for visitors and parents

Stairs create a barrier to move around the environment

To remove physical barriers

Move meetings to areas that are accessible for people with disabilities

Use lift where possible



Ensure there is a quiet area in each playground for children with identified social communication difficulties

To provide respite

Speak to the school council

Engage the ASD children

Spring 2018




Access to Information 2017-2020



Area Current Barrier Objective Actions Time-Scale

Communication with Parents

Some parents are not able to access the information sent out by school

To ensure that information the school provides is available to all parents

Ensure all letters from school are written in plain English and are printed in Arial font 12.

A larger font should be provided on request.

Newsletters will be published on the website




Not all parents appear to be able to access information on the school website.

To identify what the barriers are and seek to remove them

Consult with parents, staff and pupils on the accessibility of information on the school website and amend as appropriate

Website has a translation service

Spring Term 2018


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