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CCTV Policy




The purpose of this document is to regulate and provide guidance for the management, operation and use of the closed circuit television (CCTV) system at St. Joseph's Catholic Schools, hereafter referred to as ‘the schools’.


The system comprises a number of fixed cameras located around the school site. Cameras are monitored from the Bursars office, The Infant's main Office, the Juniors Main office and the Infant's Head of School's office..


The school entry system contains a camera which is monitored from each entry system phone point. No monitors will be positioned where they can be viewed by persons other than those authorised.

This document follows Data Protection Act guidelines. This document will be subject to review biennially to include consultation as appropriate with interested parties. A review of this document will be conducted in the event of significant changes to the CCTV system.


The CCTV system is owned by the school and maintained by ID Consultants.


This document applies to school staff, and those who attend and support the school on a voluntary basis.


Objectives of the CCTV scheme:-


  • To increase personal safety of all school users and reduce the fear of crime
  • To protect the school buildings and assets
  • To support the Police in a bid to deter and detect crime
  • To assist in identifying, apprehending and prosecuting offenders
  • To assist in managing the school

Statement of intent


The CCTV Scheme will seek to comply with the requirements both of the Data Protection Act and the Commissioner's Code of Practice. The school will treat the system and all information, documents and recordings obtained and used as data which are protected by the Act.

Cameras will be used to monitor activities within the school and grounds to identify criminal activity actually occurring, anticipated, or perceived, and for the purpose of securing the safety and well being of all school users and visitors. Any recordings made may be viewed and used by authorised persons in support of the school’s Child Protection Policy.


Materials or knowledge secured as a result of CCTV will not be used for any commercial purpose. Material will only be released to the media for use in the investigation of a specific crime and with the written authority of the police. Material will never be released to the media for purposes of entertainment.


The planning and design has endeavoured to ensure that the Scheme will give maximum effectiveness and efficiency but it is not possible to guarantee that the system will cover or detect every single incident taking place in the areas of coverage. Warning signs, as required by the Code of Practice of the Information Commissioner, have been placed at both entry points to the school and additional strategic locations within the school grounds.


Operation of the system


Administration and management of the scheme is the responsibility of the Governing Body and these roles are delegated to the Executive Head Teacher, in accordance with the principles and objectives expressed in the code.


  • The day-to-day management will be the responsibility of the Site Supervisors.
  • The CCTV system will be operated 24 hours each day, every day of the year.
  • The system is installed and maintained by ID Consultants.


Recording procedures


In order to maintain and preserve the integrity of any CD ROM/DVD copies used to record events from the hard drive and the facility to use them in any future proceedings, the following procedures for their use and retention must be strictly adhered to:


  • Requests for recordings made by the Police can only be actioned under section 29 of the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • CCTV footage may be viewed by the Police for the prevention and detection of crime.
  • Should footage be required as evidence, a copy may be released to the Police with the agreement of the Head Teacher (on the delegated authority of the Governing Body). Footage will only be released to the Police on the clear understanding that the CD ROM/DVD remains the property of the school, and both the CD ROM/DVD and information contained on it are to be treated in accordance with this policy. The school also retains the right to refuse permission for the Police to pass to any other person the CD ROM/DVD or any part of the information contained thereon. On occasions when a Court requires the release of original footage this will be produced from the secure evidence store, complete in its sealed container.
  • The Police may require the school to retain the stored CD ROM/DVDs for possible use as evidence in the future. Such CD ROM/DVDs will be properly indexed and properly and securely stored until they are needed by the Police.
  • Applications received from outside bodies (e.g. solicitors) to view or release footage will be referred to the Head Teacher. In these circumstances recordings will normally be released where satisfactory documentary evidence is produced showing that they are required for legal proceedings, a subject access request, or in response to a Court Order. A fee can be charged in such circumstances: £10 for subject access requests; a sum not exceeding the cost of materials in other cases.


Breaches of the code (including breaches of security)


Any breach of the Code of Practice by school users will be initially investigated by the Executive Head Teacher, in order for her to take the appropriate action. Any serious breach of the Code of Practice will be immediately investigated with reference to the Staff Disciplinary policy and an independent investigation, agreed in consultation with the Chair of Governors, carried out to make recommendations on how to remedy the breach.


In the event that the member of staff in breach is the Head Teacher, the Chair of Governors will direct any investigation. The Chair of Governors will be notified of all breaches.


Assessment of the scheme and code of practice


Performance monitoring, including random operating checks, may be carried out by the Site Supervisors.



Any complaints about the school’s CCTV system should be addressed to the Executive Head Teacher. Complaints will be investigated in accordance with Breaches of the code as above.


In the event that the complaint is not resolved the complainant will be referred to the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Access by the Data Subject


The Data Protection Act provides Data Subjects (individuals to whom "personal data" relate) with a right to data held about themselves, including those obtained by CCTV.


Requests for Data Subject Access should be made in writing to the Executive Head teacher. Any such requests for access to CCTV images should include:

  • The date and time when the images were recorded;
  • The location of the CCTV camera;
  • Further information to identify the individual, if necessary

Public information


Copies of this policy and guidance document will be available to the public from the School Office at request.


Summary of Key Points

  • This Policy and guidance document will be reviewed biennially by the Governing Body committee with responsibility for Premises matters.
  • The CCTV system is owned and operated by the school.
  • Liaison meetings may be held with the Police and other bodies.
  • Recorded footage will be used properly indexed, stored and destroyed after appropriate use.
  • Footage required as evidence will be properly recorded witnessed and packaged before copies are released to the police.
  • Footage will not be made available to the media for commercial or entertainment purposes.
  • Any breaches of this policy will be investigated by the Executive Head teacher. An independent investigation will be carried out for serious breaches.
  • Breaches of this document and remedies will be reported to the Head Teacher and Chair of Governors.

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