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Junior - Sports Premium Report 2016-17

Subject Coordinators Action Plan – KS2 PE

2016 – 17      in process /to complete



 Success Criteria

 Specific Actions

Monitoring Implementation


Evaluation of impact on pupil progress and


Resources and costing


To create a costed plan of how to provide full PE support for St Joseph’s, utilizing our SSP without Bacon’s College.



A fluid, costed budget explaining how all of our SSP money will be spent for 2016/17.


This is to include

Competition opportunities

CPD support


Specific sports coaching sessions which can help tackle areas highlighted, such as swimming and dance.


To be self-sufficient in delivering our curriculum, ensuring value for money.

After having met with DJ

This is in progress, after discussing with CS in KS1, and GM regarding Bacons, we have decided to stay for 1 year at £1750, allowing us just over £6000 to target our provision in school.

We are looking at dance as our first priority coving an indoor PE slot and an after school club.

Wellbeing is being provided by Bacons, after liaising with PR

Swimming is going to be boosted again for Y6

Improvement in range of sports/activities offered.


Targeted support available for teachers in KS2 – This year through Bacons, with teacher support being arranged.


Continuation of success in the subject.


All children active.

In progress, see attached document.


To improve the percentage of children leaving KS2 with the ability to swim 25 meters.


-          Highlighted as an area of weakness.

An improvement in percentage of children leaving KS2 with the ability to swim 25m each year for the foreseeable future.


Continuation of top up swimming at the end of year 6, with the number of children requiring this reducing.


Certificate scheme for Y4/5/6 to keep track of swimmers.

Ensure swimming is placed as a key part of our SSP spending for 2016/17. The Y4/5 swimming is not part of SSP, but it can be used to help bridge the gap in Y6


In regards to assessment, I have spoken to GD at Bacons, who has a scheme set up and will pass that on to us, where we can ask the pool to conduct it. If they are unable he has agreed to assess for us.

Y2 are hoping to set up swimming, if this happens we would look to tweak our schedule to ensure Y3 and 4 swim as part of our normal provision with 5/6 pick up at the end of the year



A greater percentage of children become confident swimmers.

Termly swimming.


To ensure all teachers are confidently implementing the PE curriculum.





Teachers will show evidence in medium term planning/timetables.


LPSSN staff in school supporting teacher development.


Ensure teachers are present and helping during specialist indoor PE, so they can learn from experts.


CPD opportunities are being arranged with Bacons to bring in a supporting teacher for TT of outdoor PE.

Have arranged with Bacons for support of a year group. Need to finalise dates.

Ensure the opportunities are there for further training where required.



Free up time for PH to observe and monitor. – Must do.


Ask TAs to take PE photos each term and place in folder on the pool



Staff will be more confident in the delivery of PE.


A broad curriculum will be delivered which allows for the development of a varied skill set.


Staff will learn how to effectively deliver the new scheme by learning from the creator.

Ensure all equipment for sports is available in school.


Utilise LPSSN network package for training/staff support.



Find and cost new CPD possibilities for next year


To provide all children with opportunities to represent the school in competition and to take part in extra curricula learning.

  • Gifted and Talent pupils given the opportunity to compete at a high level.

This is a continuous success, but we need to start keeping track, to ensure at least 75% of children get to take part extra curricula

This was achieved as 87% of children in Years 3-6 took part in PE or Wellbeing programmes last Year out of curriculum.

Those who did not have been highlighted and will be targeted this year.

An excel tracker or this is on the pool.


Children enter and compete at a respectable level against other schools in a broad range of events.


Children to be familiar with rules of competitions.

School or children to represent Southwark at a LYG event. (Achieved already)


Over 90% of children to take part in sport or wellbeing programs out of curriculum


This year we have utilized Women’s Sports Week already to ensure that highlighted Y5 and 6 girls have had a chance to participate.

We have varied our provision providing Bicycle workshops in Y5 and 3

We have had success in our only competition to date, winning the Borough Cross Country, with a Y6 girl going on to represent the Borough, and Y5 girls finishing 1,2,3 in their race.


Continue to enter available competitions, training children in preparation.


Contact local schools to source opportunities, particularly in KS1, for the children to compete outside of the LPSSN network –

Offer opportunities for gifted and talented specific development after school, particularly in UKS2. – (I have conducted G&T distance running sessions at the beginning of the year and we have offered G&T Y5 cycling)



Children will be more engaged with their learning as they will see a tangible outcome.


Building an understanding as to the key elements of competition at a personal level.


Gifted and Talented pupils provided with opportunities to compete at a high level.

Continue to monitor gifted and talented – Ask teachers to highlight children in Y3,4




To develop and advance skills of pupils in PE, evidencing through assessment

  • To highlight gifted and talented pupils in the school and create opportunities for them to develop further.

Children show progress through assessment throughout KS1-2


Teachers familiar with assessment framework.


Teachers are accurately and effectively assessing pupils and passing on this record.


We need to liaise with KS1 to develop an all through assessment. We have worked with Bacons to provide G&T advice and a new swimming framework.

Before Christmas we will hopefully work with KS1 to create a simple assessment of key skills.

Ensure teachers have secure subject knowledge through additional training and peer support where necessary.


Ensure teachers are delivering PE consistently to a high level across the school.


Source and Implement assessment framework and train staff in its usage. – The Bacons one was a bit convoluted, so we are hoping to develop our own.


G&T and those who are not showing progress have been highlighted.


Conduct gifted and talented assessment to create an advanced G&T register across both Key Stages.


Children’s completed assessments will show an acceptable level of progress.


Teaching will be assessed as good throughout the school.


Gifted and talented register created.

Assessment framework to be created


Additional training and support may be required.




To create and promote opportunities for after school development and outside of school club links



KS2 to run at least 2 after school clubs each week.


Create a pool of contacts for local sports clubs which can be placed on the school websites, hyper-linking them to local opportunities and in the reception areas for parents to see.


Outside clubs to come and visit the school.


Ensure two after school clubs a week in each key stage.


Create a list of local clubs for website.– Has been developed, Will talk to Matthew about putting it online.

Contact local clubs/teams to see if they will come in a deliver a taster session for our children, as with Boxing/Capoeira

Children will take part in varied after school activities, showing enthusiasm and a desire to continue their physical education outside of the classroom.


Children to sign up to local clubs, with parents/children informing the school.

After School club staff.


Taster sessions




To embed a healthy living ethos in school.

Children understand what a healthy lifestyle involves.


Children eat healthily and take part in exercise inside and outside of school


Whole school approach to meal times where value is placed on making healthy choices and understanding nutrition.


Continuation of fruit and healthy meals throughout the school.

Teach healthy living across the curriculum, with particular links to Science and ICT.


We are working with Bacons and in the new year are introducing a well-being programme in Y5 which we have arranged.

We have also ensure that our school cooking club is creating hearty meals giving the children these skills.


Implement a healthy school week in the summer term 2017 where children can be immersed in healthy lifestyle choices.


Train children in UKS2 to becoming young playground leaders and then implement these skills in KS1 at break times to ensure children are active.

Children are actively engaged in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, taking responsibility for their choices.





Nutritional advice sessions.



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