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Infants Sports Premium 2016-17

St Joseph’s Camberwell Catholic Schools’ Federation (Infants)

Sports Premium Report


Total fund allocated: £8,566

Based on 158 pupils



Planned/ estimated funding

Actual funding so far


Actual impact (following review) on pupils

Sustainability/ next steps

The engagement on all pupils in regular physical activity and their ability to make healthy lifestyle choices.


Bacon’s college membership to support us in:

-implementation of ‘Family Funs’ programme (EYs);

- ‘Health and Wellbeing’ programme starting in January (EYs and KS1);

- Participation in competitions and festivals with other schools.






Extra-curricular physical clubs for KS1 children

- Autumn: street dance, multiskills

- Spring: gymnastics, football



Ch to receive some specialist coaching during PE sessions/ team teach with staff



-dance teacher to be employed for PE lessons – Spring 2

£2100 (to Bacon’s College)


£500 transport to and from events









£300 per club/ 10 weeks

e.g. 2 clubs per term/ 3 terms + staff

=est. £2300




£1750 -membership paid (10.10.16)


£68 – taxis to/ from multiskills event (31.12.16)







£2500 spent on clubs






Streetdance - Sep-Dec




- January-July


Tennis sessions – Oct-Dec



January – July






£1000 on specialist teacher

Spring 1 Dance lessons for all


Competition entries/ results –


Y1: 1.12.16

Y2: 29.11.16


Festival of Sport: Selected Y1 more able on: 31.12.16

Attendance registers > in office






Tracking of participation in extra-curricular clubs > P:\Academic Year 2016-2017\Curriculum\PE\Coordinator resources




Photos of sessions

All children have benefitted from high quality PE lessons as a result of staff training.


All year 1 chn participated in multiskills event/ G&T ch attended FOS




So far, 59/ 107 chn from KS1 have taken part in a PE based after-school club. Remaining 48 to be targeted for future clubs.

All Year 2 children developed Tennis skills through specialist input.


All KS1 and EYs children developed dance skills through specialist input.


Using PE as a tool for whole school improvement/ High quality provision of PE


Teacher’s to be involved in identifying personal targets in delivery/ planning/ assessment of PE and PE coordinator/ Bacon’s college staff to support in achieving them through continued CPD, in and out of school.


Most notably, provision of gymnastics to be improved through:

- ‘Real Gym’ inset to all staff;

- Team teaching/ observations from Bacon’s college staff.

- Purchasing new safety mats/ gymnastics equipment


School environment to promote status of PE, through professionally printed stand out display boards with key vocabulary/ skills photos to be taken/ printed in house


Reviewing and updating playground markings/ PE and outdoor equipment

Early Years outdoor physical activity provision to be reviewed and updated

£2100 (to Bacon’s College)















Estimated £1000














£240 – white line marking bought to mark track for daily mile initiative. £200 grant received to help with this


See above (£1750 membership to Bacon’s College)


Supply cover for courses - £200



£2000 spent on equipment



gym mats and safety trolley



other apparatus: KS1 PE/ EYFS outdoor physical provision/ playground equipment









marking equipment



Observations of Joanna (Red), Lucy and Carlie (Rainbow), Sandra (Yellow), Katie (Green) and Kate (Orange) by Joe Howards from Bacon’s College in Autumn 2/ Spring 1.





Real Gym inset on 3.1.17 in school







All of KS1 and EYs children – benefitted from specialist team teaching




Gymnastics lessons for all EYFS and KS1 and use of apparatus. (as of Spring 1)





£1035 – spent in July 2016 for Sports Day.




Total spend: £8553




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