Junior - School Sports Premium - 2017/18 (Projected)

Projected spend and impact 2017/18






LPESSN Membership

LPESSN membership provides St Joseph’s with a PE support in a number of key areas.


LPESSN allow St Joseph’s to enter a multitude of competitions across the borough presenting our children with opportunities to represent Southwark at the London Youth games in a variety of sports for all year groups.


LPESSN also provide opportunities to get all children involved in sporting activities outside of the curriculum, such as through their orienteering and challenge days.


LPESSN offer CPD to whole school through team teaching and staff meetings.


Provision of lesson plans.


G&T assessment.


LPESSN have helped develop a whole school analytical to work on highlighting areas of need for STJJS.

Provides children with a love of sport and a healthy competitive nature through competitions.

St Joseph’s success in these events has led to the development of a sporting culture in the school and lets children know that they will have the opportunities to represent the school. This develops not only their physical attributes and teamworking, but their self esteem and behaviour as they have to represent the school with honour.


Children experience a wide range of different sports, some less well known than others, this gives children a far wider reach to find something they love and can continue with.


Plans provided by LPESSN ensure teaching is well differentiated and targeted to meet specific needs of the class.


G&T assessment allows STJJS to identify those with additional needs.


CPD continues the growth of teachers in this subject area and ensures continuation of a high level of teaching.




Specialist coaching and teaching support

Street Dance



Specialist coaches have been hired to model and work with class teachers to improve the delivery of indoor PE.


The use of coaches for street dance (Autumn term) and Gymnastics (Spring/Summer) is based on pupil voice and weaknesses highlighted by teachers in the school.


Additional coaching support for Y4 Autumn/Y3 Spring is to help develop teaching across the school through working with good practice specialists.


Gifted and talented sessions will be delivered to children from Y3-6 on a Friday afternoon by specialist coach as an addition to their current PE lessons.

Teachers will learn from working with specialists in these subject areas within the PE curriculum, so that in the 2018/19 academic year they will be able to deliver the lessons themselves after learning from specialists. This increases the skills base of staff in the long term and helps with children’s overall curriculum coverage.


The use of pupil voice to highlight areas they wish to study further should keep children engaged for longer and allow them to have a sense of ownership over their learning.


Gifted and talented workshop will allow the needs of the most talented to be met and them to be challenged and pushed further.


Afterschool provision

Street Dance



After school clubs to be delivered to all year groups throughout the year across a range of sports, initially Street Dance, football and multisports.


This will keep children active and ensure that children are enjoying and taking part in sport outside of school curriculum time.

The variety of sports we will make available throughout the year will allow children to engage in sports which interest them.


Millwall FC PLPS

We have signed up for the Premier League Primary Schools programme where teachers will work with a specialist coach from Millwall FC to develop their delivery of PE. This will also involve whole school CPD and targeted after school work with girls only. Teachers will be required to reflect on their progress and set targets to be worked on with MFC coaches.

Working with Millwall FC helps to build links with the school and the sporting community and gives children an understanding of the opportunities available outside of school.


The programme is heavily linked to nutrition and will help the children to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle


CPD and work with class teachers will ensure that the value from the provision lasts longer than the 12 weeks the programme runs.


Resources and Equipment

Purchase of equipment to ensure high quality delivery.

Children will be working with the correct equipment which will help access the sport.


Extended Swimming

Extending of school swimming from 30 minutes to one hour a week to try and increase the amount of children swimming 25m.

The increase in swimming time should help increase the amount of children who leave St Joseph’s with the capability to swim 25m. This is on top of the 30m statutory provision.


Additional Programmes

Additional programmes such as ‘Superstars’ to help motivate specific children.

Extra programmes offered at low cost throughout the year, such as the superstars programme through LPESSN will help to stimulate children’s learning across the curriculum.


CPD opportunities

Cost of cover for CPD opportunities to ensure that staff are up to date with best practice.

Will help continue the value and impact of SSP money past July 18.



Total £18,200