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2018 SATs Revision Timetable


Friday 30th

Saturday 31st

Sunday 1st 

Monday 2nd

Tuesday 3rd

Wednesday 4th

Thursday 5th


Root words p2/3

Plurals p4/5

Double consonants p6/7

The ‘ay’ sound p8

Words with ‘ough’ in p9

The ‘f’ sound p10


Prefixes un and de p11

Prefixes im, in, il and ir p12 Prefixes auto, trans, bi, tri and semi p13

Prefixes aero, micro, super, sub and inter p14

Prefixes tele, mis, anti, photo, circum p15

Hyphenating prefixes p16

Words ending in ‘cial’ and ‘tial’ p 17

Words ending in ‘ance’, ‘ancy’, ‘ence’ and ‘ency’ p19

Words ending in ‘ous’ p20

Words ending in’cious’ and ‘tious’ p21 Words ending in ‘able’ and ‘ible’ p22


Nouns p2

Singular and plural nouns p3

Types of noun p4/5

Pronouns p6/7

Determiners p8

Verbs p9/10/11

Adjectives p12/13

Adverbs p14/15

Mixed Practice p16-19

Sentences p20

Paragraphs p21

Phrases p22/23

Clauses p24/25


Capital letters and full stops p2/3

Exclamation marks and question marks p4/5

Sentences p6-9

Mixed practice p10/11

Apostrophes p12-15

Inverted commas p16-19

Mixed practice p20/21


Fiction 'Baking Battle' p2-11

Non fiction 'Dare to Dance' p2-11


Poetry 'Lost Dog' p2-7

Fiction 'An Underground City' p12-21

Non fiction 'Drive-in to 1950s America' p12-21


Written Addition p1-3

Written Subtraction p4-7

Multiplying by 10,100,1000 p8

Dividing by 10,100,1000 p9

Using Times Tables p10/11

Multiples and Factors p12

Short Multiplication p13/14

Long multiplication p15/16

Short division p 17-19


Place value and roman numeral p1

Ordering numbers and rounding p2-4

Decimals p5/6

Percentages p7/8

Decimals fractions and percentages p10

Proportion and ratio p11-13


2D shapes p1/2

Circles p3

3D shapes p4/5

Angles p6-8

Angle calculations p9-11

Coordinates p12/13




Friday 6th

Saturday 7th

Sunday 8th

Monday 9th

Tuesday 10th

Wednesday 11th

Thursday 12th


Words ending in ‘ably’ and ‘ibly’ p23

Words ending in ‘al’, ‘el’ and ‘le’ p24

Words ending in ‘sure’ and ‘ture’ p25

Words ending with a ‘shun’ sound p26/27

Words ending in ‘en’ or ‘on’ p28

Words ending in ‘er’, ‘ar’ or ‘or’ p29


Words ending in ‘ery’, ‘ary’ and ‘ory’ p30

Suffixes ‘ly’, ‘ful’ and ‘ness’ p31

Suffixes ‘ing’ and ‘ed’ p32/33

Suffixes ‘ment’, ‘ship’ and ‘hood’ p34

Adding suffixes to words ending in ‘fer’ p35

The soft ‘c’ sound p36

The hard ‘c’ sound p37

Words with ‘que’ and ‘gue’ in p38

Noun –ce/ Verb –se p39

The ‘sh’ sound p40

The ‘I’ sound p41


Relative clauses p26/27

Mixed Practice p28-31

Co-ordinating conjunctions p32

Subordinating conjunctions p33

Prepositions p34/35

Mixed practice p36/37

Subject and object p38

Active and passive voice p39

Past, present and future tenses p40/41

Past tense with ‘have’ p42

Verbs with ‘ing’ p43

Mixed practice p44/45

Standard v Non-Standard p46/47

Formal and Informal writing p48

Mixed Practice p49/50


Commas p22-25

Mixed practice p26/27

Brackets for extra information p28/29

Dashes for extra information p30

Single dashes and bullet points p31

Hyphens p32/33

Mixed practice p34/35

Colons p36/37


Poetry 'Out in the Snow' p26-31

Fiction 'The Old Photograph' p25-31


Non fiction 'inside the World of Jam' p22-31

Poetry 'The River's Story' p32-37

Fiction ‘A Visit to baba Yaga’ p34-41


Long division p20-22

Mixed Questions p23

Adding Decimal p24/25

Subtracting decimals p26/27

Multiplying decimals p30/31

Dividing decimals p32

Short and long division with decimals p33/34

Adding fractions p35-37

Subtracting fractions p38/39

Mixed Numbers p40/41

Multiplying fractions p42


Multiples, factors and primes p14-16

Square and cube numbers p17/18

Adding and Subtracting p19/20

Adding and Subtracting fractions p21

Multiplying and dividing p22/25

Multiplying and dividing fractions p26


Symmetry p14

Translation and Reflection p15/16

Units p17-21

Reading scales p22/23

Time p24/27

Money p28

Perimeter and area p29-33


Friday 13th

Saturday 14th

Sunday 15th

Monday 16th



Words with ‘u’ and ‘ou’ in p42

‘ei’ and ‘ie’ words p43

Comparatives and superlatives p44

Unstressed letters p45

Silent letters p46/47



'YIPEE' I hear you cry!



Word families p51

Prefixes p52/53

Suffixes p54/55

Making verbs p56/57

Synonyms p58

Antonyms p59



Semi-colons p38/39

Mixed practice p40/41



Non fiction 'The Great Wall of China' p32-41

Poetry 'Kite Flight'’ p14-19



Dividing fractions p44

Percentages p45/46



Checking and estimating p27-29

Word problems p30/31



Volume p34

Tables, charts and graphs p35-40


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