Early Years/KS1 phonics and reading



At St Joseph’s we use the Letters and Sounds scheme for teaching phonics.  This begins as soon as the children start with us in Reception and continues throughout the school into Year 2. We place a strong emphasis on the daily teaching of phonics as we believe this lays the foundation for successful reading. We use the DfE and Letters and Sounds guidance to teach interactive lessons.

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Phonics Screening Check

During the summer term in year 1, children nationwide are tested on their phonic knowledge. This test helps to identify children who have gaps in their phonic knowledge and understanding and who may need support in Year 2 to develop further their reading and writing skills. The test is very low-key and the children are not aware that they are being tested. Parents and carers are informed as to whether their child has achieved the national expectations within their child’s end-of-year report. Additional group tuition in phonics will be given to those children in year 1 and year 2 who find reading difficult. Year 2 children will be tested again in the summer term. 

Reading Schemes

At St Joseph’s we use several reading schemes and series of books. For Guided Reading in class we plan mainly from Walker Books and the Big Cat series of books.